The sound of the music roars as if it had been recorded in a basement studio in Soho, 1971: Carried by organ, synthesizer and mellotron, and driven by hypnotic rythms and cutting guitar solos. Mouth sound as if Yes, Aphrodite’s Child, King Crimson, Atomic Rooster and Kraftwerk all met up for a spontanous jam session. The band conciously restrains itself from utilising the usual “high-end retro sound” of nowadays 70’s rock.Instead their latest album “Vortex” does actually sound as if it had been recorded in a different time, drawing inspiration from everything that used to belong to the state of the art of progressive music. We’re excited to announce Mouth as the final band for Psych in Bloom to takeus back in time on Saturday, October 7th! Be prepared!

Saturday 20:15 – 21:15

Mouth  (D)