Ornamental &Tren Go! Sound System

Improvisational / Krautrock / Electronica feat. members of 10 000 Russos (De & Pt)

Stagetime: Sa, 21.03.2022

Under the alter ego „Ornamental“ Sidney Jaffe is producing and performing music since 2013.
The singer and drummer of the psychedelic rock bands Burnpilot, Arcane allies and sideman in bands like Dai Kaiju (us) and Revvnant (solo project of Elias from the Flying Eyes) found his style as a solo artist between Detroit Techno and synthesizer greats such as Tangerine Dream, Can and Terry Riley.  

Tren Go! Sound System is a guitar, loop and fx driven one-man-band psychedelia. The steel driving man behind this locomotive is Pedro Pestana (10 000 Russos and Talea Jacta) who started this journey on train tracks back in 2006.

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