10000 Russos

Psych / Drone / Space (Pt)

Stagetime: Sa, 23.10.2021

‚Superinertia‘, the new album from 10 000 Russos, is out in the world!
The Porto-based band describe ‘Superinertia’ as a record addressing the “state of inertia that humans live in the West nowadays. It isn’t a record about the past or future. It’s about now.” For all that ‘Superinertia’ might take aim at a world without motion, however, the same cannot be said of 10 000 Russos themselves.
Not only have their motorik jams always been about as kinetic as it gets but ‘Superinertia’ also sees the band itself move into whole new musical territories – aided especially by the recent addition of synth player Nils Meisel to the line-up: “The synths really opened up the sound of the band and gave more routes for the music to journey down. The most important thing on this album was to not repeat ourselves. A new arc in our sound is coming to life.”