The Telescopes

Psych / Drone / Noise Rock (UK)

Evolving oscillations of guitar feedback screech and howl through thick layers of distortion. Overtones shift and drift and combine on a carpet of white noise. In the eye of the storm, the voice of a man remains calm, almost detached. He intones a low, trance-like chant. The vocal is buried deep in the mix, the lyrics just barely discernible. This is the sound of The Telescopes in 2018. A band that, since it’s inception in 1987, has gone through many artistic transformations. From Neo-Psych to Shoegaze and Dream Pop and finally to Noise Rock, at the same time never denying their creative roots and past infleunces. A sound through which the listener can enter a vast sonic universe and determine a personal set of coordinates. According to mastermin Stephen Lawrie, the intention of the band is always to create a listening experience reaching beyond the realm of natural vision. „I see duality and multiple meaning everywhere, this is reflected in the way my inspiration is formed, of impressions released in such a way where the meaning is subjective to the listener.“

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetelescopesuk
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